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We take auto service pretty seriously and work to make sure your car continues its spectacular performance well into the future. Part of how we ensure the longevity of your car at Woodhouse Ford of Omaha is through our Woodhouse Quick Lane service.


Taking Advantage of Woodhouse Quick Lane Service

So, what should you expect from our Quick Lane Service?  Our Quick Lane provides drivers with comprehensive maintenance and inspections with our factory-trained experts. What makes this service special is that it can be done on your schedule. No matter what, you’ll never have to make an appointment, regardless if it’s a weekday or weekend. The make or model of your car doesn’t matter either, as we’ll still provide high-quality repair and inspections in a timely manner.

Our Quick Lane service is equipped for a wide range of maintenance procedures. One popular option is tire maintenance and replacement. Our quick lane service team specializes in everything from tire rotations and inspections to mounting, balancing, and proper inflation. We also have a number of different tire brands in stock including Firestone, Dunlop, Kelly, Continental, Michelin, and BF Goodrich.

Another popular option at our service center is oil changes. Our team of experts will cover all of the basis of your oil change from oil filters to helping you find the right grade for your engine. On top of oil changes and tire servicing, our Quick Lane service team also provides maintenance on brakes, car batteries, cooling systems, belts, hoses, and more.


Getting Automotive Maintenance at Our Ford Dealership

If you’re hoping to receive comprehensive maintenance from auto mechanics that put you and your car’s needs first, our Ford dealership is the place to be. At Woodhouse Ford of Omaha, we always try to give you the best experience possible.

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