How to Change a Flat Tire


Many of us have encountered this situation before. The dreaded flat tire. Though, fear not. While it may seem overwhelming at first, changing a flat tire is pretty straightforward.

If you are driving and you notice that your tire is flat, the first thing you want to do is to get to a safe spot. Then put your car in park and turn your hazard lights on. Now that you are in a safe space, you will need to do the following: 

Locate your spare tire, jack, and tire iron: For most vehicles, these items will be found in the trunk of your car underneath the floor mat. If you have a tire pressure gage, check that the spare tire has an adequate amount of pressure. 

Loosen the wheel lugs: Using your tire iron (the L-shaped bar) carefully loosen each wheel lug. Do not remove them at this point - you just want them loose. 

Jack up the car: Place the jack underneath the jack point and raise the jack until it connects with the car frame. Continue raising the jack until the wheel is off the ground. 

Remove the flat tire: Now is the time to remove the wheel lugs. Be sure to place them in a safe spot - you’ll need them again soon! Then remove the tire. 

Install the spare: This is the hard part. Position the spare tire over the wheel studs until you have tie tire hanging on the studs. Then screw each of the wheel lugs back on. 

Lower the car: Now you can lower the car back down. Make sure the wheel lugs are tightened completely. 

Buy a new tire: Be sure to purchase a new tire to replace your flat. At Woodhouse Ford of Omaha, we have a large selection of tires perfectly matched to your vehicle and driving style! Our expert Ford service center will make sure everything is in working order. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-810-2705 or visit your Omaha Ford dealer in person. 

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