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At Woodhouse Ford of Omaha, we’re always trying to do the best we can for our customers. And for those among us who do not know everything about their new 2020 Ford Escape, we endeavor to be a valuable resource to help guide and educate the less car-literate towards how to be a more attentive car owner. Today’s lesson is the brakes.

To start, brake pads are not created equal. That’s why our Ford Service Center uses only Original Equipment parts for everything we do, whether it’s brakes, air filters, and so on. That makes sure that your Escape will always be using the parts made for your vehicle, so there’s no worry about fitment, quality, and any of a dozen other things that can get messed up in the aftermarket.

So how do you know your brakes are ready to be replaced? Well, if you’re coming in for regular maintenance at our Service Department, our technicians can tell you. But if you want to know for yourself, there’s only one way that lets just you know they need replacing: looking at them. This involves getting under the car and examining at your brake mechanism, but it’s really the most effective method. When you’re down there, bring a pencil. The recommended amount of pad you need is about a quarter of an inch and pencils are about a quarter-inch thick. So unless you'd prefer a ruler, a pencil’s a great substitute.

The other way is one that pretty much every driver has heard before – the squeal. Many brake pads come with a metal shim embedded in the brake pad that gets exposed when it’s time to change it out. Once exposed, it presses against the rotor when you hit the brakes, causing that squeaky sound everyone hates.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that when you let Woodhouse Ford of Omaha and our Ford Service Department take care of your vehicle! Come in today for the best parts and service specials in the Lincoln, NE area.

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