Common Road Hazards

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Driving helps us to get places more quickly and easily and, oftentimes, more safely. However, there are certain road hazards that can make driving dangerous. Our Lincoln-area Ford dealership encourages everyone to watch out for these road hazards and know how to respond when they’re unavoidable.  

Bad Weather

Rain, sleet, snow, and ice can all make driving dangerous. They can make it difficult to see objects and other cars, as well as make surfaces slick. If you must drive in bad weather, make sure to drive slowly with your headlights on. Watch for others who could also be at risk of losing control. If you are driving one of our Ford trucks, such as the 2019 Ford F-150, make sure your vehicle is also equipped with tire chains and sandbags to handle the icy terrains.

Dangerous Drivers

Speaking of watching for others… Bad weather isn’t the only thing that brings out dangerous drivers. Unfortunately, inattentive and reckless drivers are on the roads every day. Keep a safe following distance from anyone who appears to be swerving, following others too closely, or speeding excessively. If you have the opportunity, allow them to pass you.

Construction Zones

It’s important to follow instructions in a construction zone, including staying under the speed limit. If you can, move away from construction workers into another lane. Keep an eye out for potholes too which can cause serious damage to your wheels and tires.  

Make sure to also regularly visit our Ford service center to ensure your vehicle can handle hazardous conditions and certainly if you are faced with an accident or issue. Above all else, stay safe out there!
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